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Hernes has been a recognised & respected name in the refrigerated road transport industry for two generations. The origins of what is now Hernes Freight Service can be traced back to Harvey Herne’s humble beginnings in 1974 when he started off carrying frozen groceries down the east coast of Australia & frozen chickens back up with just one Mercedes Benz prime mover. Today Stuart, Harvey’s son, owns & operates a modern fleet of over seventy vehicles comprising of mostly Western Stars, Kenworths and Volvo’s; being one of the most versatile privately owned fleets on the eastern seaboard.

Hernes Freight Service is a proud member of the Northern Rivers community, servicing our local produce growers with daily trucks to all the major city produce markets. Hernes offers a free pick-up & delivery service to & from local farms via our fleet of rigid Kenworth and DAF trucks, ensuring our local farmers a simple convenient method of transporting their valuable produce to market. Hernes Freight Service is also proud to be heavily associated with the major local beef industry, transporting local beef all over Australia as well as delivering our prime beef to Australian docks & wharfs for the export markets. In addition to this the Hernes Freight Service logo (HFS) has become a familiar site on the linehaul corridors of the east coast, with the fleet proudly helping to supply groceries to all our major supermarkets from Brisbane to as far south-west as Adelaide.

The success of Hernes Freight Service can be attributed to such factors as our reliable self maintained fleet of modern trucks, the professional attitude of the highly experienced management team, all of which have been drivers themselves & of course to the great job done by “The Driving Force”, the professional team of some 100+ staff who put in the big miles both behind the wheels and the desks of the Hernes Freight Service fleet day & night. And behind the scenes of course there’s our highly specialised & highly dedicated mechanical team that work around the clock servicing our fleet; always on the ready 24×7 to assist our drivers in ensuring their vehicles keep moving & keep delivering our customers’ valuable freight on time.

Stuart Herne, a second generation truck driver, fully appreciates the wants & needs of both his staff and his customers & also understands what it takes to keep his modern fleet reliable and on the road. A fully qualified mechanic & having driven since he was old enough to climb into a truck, Stuart may very well pick up a spanner or deliver a customer’s load himself if demand requires him to get behind the wheel, being very much a hands on company director. Stuart is definitely no stranger to driving, also being Australian V8 Dirt Modified Champion several years in a row. He understands what it takes to get the job done safely, professionally and in a timely manner.

Hernes Freight Service is committed to the ongoing provision of a professional customer service driven business, with the safety of our employees & members of the general public being one of our foremost priorities. Hernes is committed to the development & implementation of new technologies which benefit both our customers & employees alike as well as assisting us in meeting our legislative requirements at all times.

All of this comes together to be Hernes Freight Service, a locally owned & operated family business, employing over 100 people, proudly & professionally delivering produce, meat & groceries all around this great country. Hernes Freight Service is proud to be local & proud to be Australian…

At HFS, we’re focused on our customers, our people, on teamwork and on helping get the job done right first time. HFS are stronger than ever before, and offer business markets an unrivalled range of express overnight refrigerated freight solutions. Our business brings the trust, reach and convenience that HFS has been known for over the years. Together with the superior service standards of HFS, we are continually improving ourselves to create one of the best refrigerated freight logistics provider in the country. As a very agile and flexible refrigerated logistics provider, we know a thing or two about delivery…

Hernes Freight Service


‘If it’s Cool, it’s Hernes’